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Yakothehtón:ni- Jennifer Brant

Jennifer Brant performing on stage at Hotel Wolfe Island.
Jennifer Brant performing on stage at Hotel Wolfe Island.
Jennifer Brant performing on stage at Hotel Wolfe Island.
A display booth at Jennifer Brant's performance.
Seed balls for the audience at Jennifer Brant's performance.


On June 11th, LodgePole Arts Alliance presented the gracefully captivating voice of Yakothehtón:ni- Jennifer Brant as part of the LPAA Indigenous Artist Showcase and the 6th annual Wolfe Island Garden Party, a celebration of culture and agriculture. The concert was originally planned for outside on the patio due to the smoke from nearby forest fires, but Jennifer and her husband Kieran adjusted to the move without complaint and performed to a welcoming crowd inside the Hotel under gorgeous violet stage lights. The show provided the perfect fit for a lovely Sunday afternoon filled with good music and laughter thanks to Kieran’s good-natured sense of humour.

Jennifer E Brant is a multi-talented artist, educator, and singer-songwriter. A member of the Bear Clan in Kenhté:ke, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ontario, Jennifer's deep-rooted connection to her Kanyen’kéha (Mohawk) heritage is beautifully reflected in her work. She’s an incredibly inspiring artist, as she weaves together her passion for education, music, visual arts,   and rewilding/revitalizing the land starting with her and Keiran’s hobby farm. Her name Yakothehtón:ni means "she makes it fertile; she makes a garden for herself.” 

For over two decades, Jennifer has shared her musical talents as a duo alongside her husband, Kieran Edwards, and with her band Mustang, across Eastern Ontario. Her melodious tunes have filled the air at countless festivals and events, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of all who have had the pleasure of experiencing her soulful performances. In addition to her musical talents, Jennifer is an accomplished visual artist, with her artwork having been exhibited at venues such as the Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford, Ontario, as well as various local art shows. Her pieces, infused with her unique perspective and rich cultural heritage, invite viewers to embark on a visual journey, where tradition and contemporary expressions intertwine.

Thank you to all those who joined us in celebrating the incredible achievements and talents of Yakothehtón:ni - Jennifer E Brant. The event was a tribute to the power of artistic expression and the importance of embracing one’s roots. We hope that you were able to leave with some seedballs containing flower seeds for your garden, provided by LodgePole Arts Alliance and the artist.

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