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KAM Board of Directors' Award for Volunteerism

Volunteers are increasingly the lifeblood of any community, and cultural organizations are no exception.  It would be impossible for organizations like KAM to succeed without the interest, dedication, passion, time and expertise of Volunteers.   They help to keep the doors open and the lights on. They provide programming, operations and fundraising support and, in many cases, are the face of an organization. Indeed, the countless Volunteers that have contributed to KAM over the past 40-plus years have enabled the organization to become what it is today.

A nominee for this award category exemplifies the following:

  • Devotes an abundance of their time and resources, and is passionate about helping others
  • Sets the example for how just one individual can make an enormous impact in their community 
  • Vision for the community, strives to bring people together, believes in the value and importance of contributing to their communities
  • Is a true role model for other volunteers in their organization or in the community


Award Recipients



Dr. Tabitha Renaud (Administrator, Cumberland Heritage Village Museum)

  • Nominated by Simge Erdogan-O'Connor in recognition for her longstanding and dedicated work to revitalize Murney Tower Museum as its volunteer Director and her longstanding dedication to cultural heritage through her role of KAM Board Member (2014-2022).
  • Canada
  • Ontario
  • City of Kingston
  • Tourism Kingston