Starting as a small group of museums professionals wanting to raise the profile of the cultural sector in Kingston in the early 1980s, the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries & Historic Sites (KAM) has grown into a formalized structure that is led by a Board of Directors. The make up of the board includes a strategic mix of representatives of cultural institutions and cultural sector experts. Directly under the board are committees with mandates related to a particular function within the organization. Each board member is assigned to a committee to act as a point of contact between the two levels to share information up and down.

A KAM committee consists of those individuals who either represent a member organization or association, or pulled from a large KAM volunteer base depending on their expressed area of expertise and interest.

Working with external stakeholders including private and public organizations, municipal, provincial and federal agencies, KAM leads and collaborates through cultural initiatives. These initiatives range from heritage fund administration, collaborative marketing partnerships, outreach and advocacy.


KAM has moved from an entirely volunteer run operational model to a governance/policy model where staff are tasked to perform under the direction of the Board the day-to-day operations. In 2011, KAM hired its first Managing Director (0.6 FTE). In April of 2012, through a job creation partnership grant (Ontario Ministry of Universities and Colleges), KAM hired an office coordinator. Once the grant/funding timeline had been completed, KAM continued with the office coordinator (0.6 FTE).

As anticipated, KAM experienced business growth, Now, 2019, KAM’s staffing complement is as follows:

Managing Director 0.6 FTE – permanent staff
Administrative Coordinator 1.0 FTE – permanent staff

As future projects and partnerships present themselves, KAM intends to continue to hire contract staff to support and deliver programming / marketing product and services.

Policy Governance

KAM continues to strive to follow and exceed governance best practice models, drawing on municipal, provincial, federal and international standards for non-profit organizations. KAM is pleased to share our operational knowledge and support other non-profit groups and organizations who, like KAM, continue to grow and change. Below are various resource documents available to like minded researchers/non-profits.

Please note that KAM is the legal owner and asks that writer credit be given as referenced.

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