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Membership - Join Us!

When you join KAM, you are joining a whole community of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to promoting cultural heritage.

Our members makes us who we are as an organization, driving KAM’s development over the past 40 years.  Our members define and focus the success our four strategic pillars - Professional Development, Advocacy, Public Engagement and Collaborative Partnerships.

As a KAM member, you will have access to a variety of resources and opportunities:

  • Professional development learning and training opportunities – both for individuals and for organizations;
  • Collaborative programming initiatives that engage with local and visiting publics;
  • Collaborative marketing program promoting cultural heritage resources and experiential engagement opportunities (contact for further details);
  • Build your professional and collegial networks;
  • Benefit from peer mentoring and operational support resources;
  • Benefit from our Community Volunteer program;
  • Contribute to the work of KAM through committee and other project work;
  • Actively contribute to your local community and cultural heritage sector;
  • Stay connected to local community stakeholders through collaborative partnerships and programs;
  • Stay connected to the Ontario Museum Association and the wider cultural heritage sector through the Regional Museum Network.

What Type of Member are You?

KAM offers five types of membership, renewable on an annual basis:

  1. Institutional (Museum / Art Gallery / Library & Archives / National Historic Site)
  2. Associate (Historic Church / Historical Society / Cultural Heritage Programming/Advocacy Organization)
  3. Individual – Community or Cultural Sector Professional
  4. Individual – Emerging Cultural Sector Professional (under 10 years in the field)
  5. Individual - Student

For more information about KAM membership, please see our Membership Form (attached below) or contact KAM staff at

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  • Ontario
  • City of Kingston
  • Tourism Kingston