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KAM Committees

KAM committees are an important part of KAM operations.  Through them, KAM delivers collaborative marketing products, community outreach programming and professional development opportunities to our membership and the wider cultural sector.  We have three operations committees.  Each is organized through a committee chair, and reports on committee activities to the KAM Board of Directors.


Marketing and Analytics Committee (MAC)

Promoting local cultural heritage sites has been a key component of KAM’s work since its earliest beginnings.  The Marketing and Analytics Committee (MAC) works to develop promotional materials and opportunities that connect KAM member sites to local and visiting publics in relevant, engaging, evidence-based and impactful ways.  MAC strives to act as a public voice for KAM members, to serve as a resource of marketing expertise and experience for KAM members, and to demonstrate and role of function of KAM within the cultural heritage sector.  MAC meets approximately once per month.

Professional Development Committee (PD)

The Professional Development Committee develops, facilitates, and delivers innovative learning opportunities for individuals and organizations in the cultural heritage sector in Kingston and area.  The PD committee strives to be an advocate for sector development through individual capacity-building, to provide consistent opportunities for ongoing personal learning and professional development, to facilitate access and knowledge sharing of current best-practice and research, and to facilitate the sharing of professional skills and expertise within the KAM membership network.  The PD committee meets approximately every 8 weeks.

Programming and Community Engagement Committee (PaCE)

The Programming and Community Engagement Committee (PaCE) develops high-quality, collaborative programming opportunities for KAM members with the purpose of engaging audiences in innovative ways and to promote public awareness of member sites.  PaCE strives to provide practical support and to share skills and expertise amongst KAM members.  PaCE meets approximately every 8 weeks.

Get Involved

To volunteer for a KAM committee you must be either:

  1. A KAM member (in good standing) who possess skillsets related to, and interest in, the committee work; 
  2. A Professional from the larger cultural heritage sector who may have unique qualifications related to committee work, and are willing to become an individual member.

For more information about how to volunteer for a KAM committee, please contact KAM staff at

Please note: all appointments will be confirmed by the KAM Board of Directors

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