City of Kingston Heritage Fund



View "A Brief Introduction to the CKHF" here:


The Kingston Local: "Cultural Heritage Fund Announced, $396, 000 Available" (July 5th 2020)

The Kingston Whig Standard: "Nearly $400, 000 available in grants for Kingston Heritage" (July 2nd 2020)


History of the Heritage Fund

The City of Kingston Heritage Fund (CKHF) provides support for museums, heritage projects, cultural groups and historical societies to improve how Kingston’s stories are told locally and to the world. 

The CKHF was first launched in 2013, as recommended within the Kingston Cultural Plan (2010), with an initial allocation of $100 000 to support project grants only.  In 2014, Kingston City Council approved an expanded Heritage Fund program that not only included projects, but also two new streams of operating grants – Full Operating and Investment Operating. Project grants awarded typically represent 25% of available funds, while operating grants typically represent 75% of available funds.

The Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries and Historic Sites has administered the Heritage Fund program on behalf of the City of Kingston since its inception in 2013. 


For additional information about the 2020-2021 CKHF Grant Cycle, please see the official press release, the 2020-2021 Admin Plan, and other documents below.

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