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Take a Closer Look at the Pumphouse
science & techology, curated exhibits, art, accessible, charged, English/French, 30 min visit; parking; public transit
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The PumpHouse is located in one of Canada’s oldest original water works, where steam-powered pumps provided the first running water to Kingston residents and businesses beginning in 1851. Only six similar preserved water pumping plants remain in North America. The museum’s most incredible artifact is the building itself – where the original pumps remain in place and visitors can discover exactly how they worked. During indoor museum tours, skilled guides demonstrate how steam power was an essential element of the industrial development of Canada and how pumped water played a key role in Kingston’s history.

Visit the Exhibition Hall, a flexible exhibition space in the PumpHouse. This beautiful room, complete with original limestone walls and a great view into the massive steam boilers, is home to special exhibits. The Train Room The PumpHouse is home to a stunning collection of model trains. An elaborate mutli-level O scale train can be set in motion by the push of a button, a diminutive N scale train set showcases impressive miniatures, and the HO scale train set from the opening of the iconic CBC children’s show ‘The Friendly Giant’ is on display.

To Visit Us Please visit our website or call us at 613-544-7867 to learn about the PumpHouse's current children's education programs and guided tour offerings.----

23 Ontario St., Kingston
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