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"Sisters are doing it for themselves:" A Museum for Women's History

21 November, 2023 at 10:00am - 12:00pm
Event graphic Heather Morrison

Canadians share expansive rights and freedoms, yet the narrative largely overlooks women's contributions.

Canada is a democracy whose citizens share expansive rights and freedoms. Despite this, the dominant narrative of Canada’s evolution largely overlooks women’s contributions. History is a living document we are writing every day. It is the role of the Canadian Museum of Women's History (CMWH) to add accuracy to our national story. CMWH will fulfill its role by amplifying the little-known and untold stories the contributions women, including pre-colonial women and those who self-identify as women, have made to the lands now known as Canada.

The victories of the women's movement are a blueprint for future generations to solve ever-evolving social injustices. This soon-to-be Canadian institution will tell these stories and teach us how we can continue to make our world a better place. Creation of a national museum dedicated to women’s history is democracy in action.

Join Heather Morrison, Founding Member & Advocate, Canadian Museum of Women's HIstory who will share her steps to creating Canada’s soon-to-be-next national museum and its grassroots movement with attendees. She is also keen to hear from others to bring new ideas to the museum landscape.

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Our Facilitator: Heather Morrison

Heather Morrison HeadshotThe heart of Heather’s career has centred on advocating for the rights and well-being of vulnerable persons. She has demonstrated this life-long commitment through frontline employment as a case manager and counsellor. In these roles, she delivered direct counselling and developed programs in the areas of youth justice diversion, family violence, sexual violence, and mental health and addictions to an indigenous fly-in community.

Heather brings to CMWH extensive knowledge in political organizing, policy governance development, project management, and information technology. She currently serves as governance chair on Elizabeth Fry Kingston’s board.

Heather recently completed her Master's in Education at Queen’s University, where her work focused on the impact of complex childhood trauma on learners.

She is a Ph.D. student at Queen's University's Faculty of Education and is a two-year recipient of the Martin Schiralli Fellowship. Her research explores public pedagogy as a primary tenant of liberal democracy, as it promotes responsible citizenship and fuels social change through knowledge acquisition.

Ultimately, her research and writing will build an evidence-based case serving as the foundational argument for Canada’s first museum of women’s history.

Heather is the founder and visionary-drive behind the Canadian Museum of Women's History.

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