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Cultural Heritage and Data Analytics - What, Why and Informed Decisions?

Thursday, 27 January, 2022 - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Decisions need to be informed.Experience and expertise are only part of decision making.Data collection supports experience and expertise, but what is data, how can it be collected and interrogated, why is it part of informed decision making?Robin Belanger, Senior Manager, Dig Insights, will be sharing an overview of the benefits of creating strategy and policies based on data driven research and and what this data collection looks like both in practice and principle. This workshop will also cover the ways in which the cultural heritage sites in the Kingston area can collect, organize and analyze data in order to build effective strategies and policies for the future.Click here to register!  Our online event will be supported by MS Teams.  Please take some time to get the application for your device.Robin Belanger, Senior Manager, Dig Insights(Photo Credit:  Lohan Barreiros Miranda)Before coming to Dig, Robin came from the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis as an Instructor Therapist. Spending time focusing on the function of human behaviour, she moved into Market Research as she became fascinated with consumer attitudes and behaviour. Robin holds a BA in Psychology from Ryerson, a Diploma in Behavioural Science from George Brown College, and a Certificate from the Research Analyst Program from Humber College 

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