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Amate Bark Painting with Susana Beitman

30 May, 2024 at 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Image of bird painted on amate bark in blue and purple tones. Cultural Creativity Series: Amate Bark Painting with Susana Beitman. Learn the Mexican folk art of painting using amate bark.

This workshop is part of the Cultural Creativity Series at the Tett Centre for Creativity & Learning, which aims to foster cultural learning through artistic creation. Participants will explore various art forms from different cultures, learning about each culture's unique expressions, history, and context.

Amate bark painting is an ancient Mexican tradition involving the painting of paper made from tree bark. The art of amate bark painting dates back to the ancient civilizations of the Maya and Nahua people. They each had their own traditions and ways of communicating with amate bark paintings. In the Nahuatl language, the name for the bark paper was amatl. The term amatl is where the name amate paper originates from.

In this workshop, participants will dive into the history and process of using amate paper, exploring its significance and cultural roots among the Maya and Nahua people. They will also discover various visual symbols and representations unique to these civilizations. Through hands-on experience with amate paper and acrylics, participants will learn to replicate this artistic style and create their own unique pieces.

Ages 16+ | Beginner Friendly



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