Rembrandt & Company: Seventeenth-Century Dutch Paintings from The Bader Collection

Saturday, September 5, 2020 - 1:00pm to Sunday, April 11, 2021 - 5:00pm

Presenting some of the greatest treasures of The Bader Collection, this exhibition features both familiar favourites, such as Willem Drost’s Self-Portrait as Saint John and Lambert Doomer’s Venetian Courtesan, and exciting recent acquisitions, including a touching portrait of Rembrandt’s late-life partner, Hendrickje Stoffels, by his student Jacobus Levecq. Bringing focus to the artistic context in which Rembrandt created the mysterious Man with Arms Akimbo, we explore the diverse accomplishments of artists in Rembrandt’s adopted city of Amsterdam, the cultural capital of northern Europe, and elsewhere in the Dutch Republic. While Rembrandt and his circle captured the market for history paintings and portraits, other painters carved a niche in landscape, genre imagery, or still life. Bringing Rembrandt’s work together with stellar paintings by rivals as well as acolytes, this exhibition celebrates creative diversity and entrepreneurship at a singular moment in the history of European art, while also celebrating the remarkable vision of Alfred and Isabel Bader in building this collection and sharing it with art lovers in Kingston and around the world.

Curated by Dr Stephanie Dickey, Bader Chair in Northern Baroque Art at Queen’s University


Agnes Etherington Art Centre
  • Kingston
  • The Great Waterway
  • Tourism Kingston
  • Ontario Heritage Trust