History Is Rarely Black or White Speaker Series

Friday, January 14, 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

3 December 2021, 14 January and 11 February 2022, 1–2:30 pm

Join Curator Jason Cyrus and special guests for this online series of talks on topics connected to the exhibition History Is Rarely Black or White.

3 December       Black Bodies, White Gold: Unpacking slavery and North American cotton production with Anna Arabindan-Kesson and Anne-Marie Guérin

The global thirst for cotton was fueled by the atrocities of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Anna Arabindan Kesson will join History Is Rarely Black or White curator Jason Cyrus and conservator Anne-Marie Guérin to discuss the ways in which they harnessed science, conservation, and historical research to spotlight the Black life at the core of the Victorian cotton industry.

14 January         Fully Known: Cotton Production, Black History, and the Canadian Experience with Charmaine Nelson and Shannon Prince

Charmaine Nelson and Shannon Prince join Jason Cyrus to investigate the ways in which cotton production in the United States forever changed the landscape of Canadian diversity. Together they tell the stories of Black people on both sides of the border by connecting the Victorian cotton industry with the Underground Railroad and settlement in Canada while addressing the related colonial legacies that still affect Black Canadian life today.

11 February       Style as Armour: Identity, Clothing, and Self-Fashioning in History Is Rarely Black or White with Julie Crooks and Nigel Lezama

Julie Crooks and Nigel Lezama join Jason Cyrus to explore the use of style to both affirm one's personhood and challenge oppression. Together they examine archival tintypes, contemporary portraiture, and Victorian cotton clothing to shine a light on clothing's important role in constructing Black identity.

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