Programming & Community Engagement Committee

The Programming and Community Engagement Committee's purpose is to:

  • Research, develop, and support innovative collaborative programming and community engagement.
  • Advocate for programming and community engagement funding.
  • Connect and increase community partnerships.
  • Create learning opportunities for all.


  • All KAM members (in good standing) are eligible for appointment to the committee.
  • Professionals with experience in museums and/or art galleries, education, programming, community development, and special event management may also be recruited.
  • Appointments are confirmed by the Board.

2018 Committee Members

  • Danielle Marshall, Chair
  • Dave McCarey
  • Jessica Beardsley
  • Ashley Mendes
  • Kimberley Sutherland-Mills
  • Liz Watkins
  • Kevin Moorhouse
  • Terri-Lynn Brennan
  • Darragh De Groot
  • Karla Tynski
  • Keely Maddock
  • Alex McLean
  • Francesca Pang
  • Linda Tsuji

For more information or to join the Committee please contact Chair, Danielle Marshall.

Generally, committee meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of every other month at 9:30 a.m. 


  • Kingston
  • The Great Waterway
  • Tourism Kingston
  • Ontario Heritage Trust