Event Photographer

The primary purpose of this role is to photograph the people and objects of Kingston's Bring Your Thing Pop-up Museum events.

Roles & responsibilities

  • Attend KAM events & Pop-Up museums events
  • Utilize photography Skills to take pictures of people and objects
  • Ensure that permission had been granted before taking anyone’s picture
  • Properly record details of the event as needed i.e. descriptions of those who do not give their permission
  • Process pictures for marketing or online content. (an asset)

Skills & Experience

  • Photography skills
  • Photo editing skills or experience with Photoshop
  • Organizations skills
  • Interest in History, stories and Kingston Heritage
  • Event planning experience (an asset)

Time Commitment

Attend single day (3 hours) monthly events at to be determined dates. Flexible hours and opportunities to work on photo editing both/either at KAM Offices and/or from home.

If this sounds like you, please fill out a Volunteer Application form and submit your completed form by e-mail to volunteer@kingstonmuseums.ca or drop off in person to the KAM offices, 837 Princess St., Suite 203A.

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