“The Imitation Game” & "Breaking the Code" - The Military Communications & Electronics Museum

Monday, October 16, 2017 - 7:15pm to 9:00pm

At the Military Communications & Electronics Museum

95 Craftsman Blvd

Kingston ON

Please RSVP 613-541-4675

The movie "The Imitation Game" and the play "Breaking the Code" are both based on the biography “Alan Turing: The Enigma”, by Andrew Hodges. They cover the story of Alan Tu- ring while interleaving three periods of his life: i) his teen years at a British boarding school, ii) when he was recruited by Bletchley Park and joins a team to break Enigma, and iii) the 1951 police investigation into an alleged break-in at his home in 1951. For the general view- ing public, the movie TIG was an excellent success especially given the story and quality of actors involved. There has been great debate about what is fact and what is fiction in both movie and play versions and this talk will discuss a variety of them.

Richard Brisson is a graduate from the University of Ottawa - B.Sc. Math-Physics in 1978 and M.Sc Systems Science in 1980.

Upon graduation, he was hired by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) from which he retired in 2011. His career at CSE largely involved duties that encom- passed various fields of mathematics and computer science - he is also a graduate of NSA's 3-year Cryptologic Mathematics Program. Over the last 25 years, he has been collecting vintage cryptographic and clandestine artifacts dating up to and including the Cold War. Artifacts from his collection have been exhibited at many museums over the years including the National Museum of Science and Technology (Ottawa), the National Cryptologic Museum (Fort Meade, Maryland), the Diefenbunker (Carp, Ontario) and the Canadian War Museum (Ottawa).

Richard is married to Sheila – they both met at CSE and they have two children, Amanda and Adam. They intend to move permanently to their other home in the 1000 Islands by 2018.

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