100 Years of Art

Sunday, October 15, 2017 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

We are making plans for a joint anniversary celebration this fall with Kingston’s Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre (MFARC). We discovered that we share a birthday. We cannot say, at the time of writing, whether this occurred by fate or by design, but on 12 October 2017 the Agnes turns 60 and Modern Fuel turns 40. Yes. That’s 100 years of great art in this city!

Each organization has its own anniversary plans, but, for one glorious day—on 15 October—we will join forces to celebrate the artists, members, supporters and volunteers who make, and have made, a thriving art scene here in Kingston.

Plans for 100 Years of Art to date include a series of jointly presented events at the Agnes:

A Delectable 100-Years Invitational Brunch

100 Minutes on 100 Years Forum, with a celebrity speaker for each decade

The 100-Year Chronicles


Save the date, and watch our website for updates. 



Agnes Etherington Arts Centre

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