We encourage members of Kingston's cultural heritage community to serve on a City of Kingston Heritage Fund (CKHF) Grant Committee. Please consider sharing your knowledge and experience to help us to build a strong and capable jury of peers to assess grant applications.

Each year, there are separate CKHF grant committees for each funding stream. The CKHF Operating Grant applications will be considered separately from CKHF Project Grant applications. All committee members of the committees will:

  • be committed to excellence in cultural resource management;
  • be committed to fiscal responsibility;
  • be committed to the development of Kingston’s cultural resources;
  • have an understanding, interest, and appreciation of cultural heritage in all its diverse forms;
  • bring vision, open-mindedness, and generosity of spirit to all deliberations;
  • declare conflicts of interest;
  • provide fair and objective opinions.

Criteria for Eligibility: Jury Members

All potential jurors are required to submit an Expression of Interest Form (download below) and their curriculum vitae.  Based on submitted documentation, and following the consideration of jury applicants’ eligibility, a potential jury list will be struck. CKHF Jury members must be:

  • cultural heritage professionals, practitioners, and/or persons who are knowledgeable about cultural heritage, with high standing within the sector;
  • representative of a wide range of disciplines  and interests within the cultural heritage sector;
  • knowledgeable and experienced in cultural heritage, cultural heritage organizations, and cultural heritage issues;
  • knowledgeable about the City of Kingston context as it relates to cultural heritage;
  • knowledgeable about the broader cultural heritage environment beyond their area of expertise;
  • able to articulate their opinions, and work in a group decision-making environment; have good communication skills;
  • whenever possible, CKHF Jury members should be reflective of Kingston’s diversity in age, gender, demography and culture.

Each member of a CKHF Grant Committee is required to complete both a Confidentiality Form and a Conflict of Interest Declaration Form. The time commitment is typically 3-4 meetings through September and October. A schedule of meetings will be established for the CKHF Grant Committees at the beginning of the adjudication process. 

For more information about the City of Kingston Heritage Fund please download the Administrative Plan, City of Kingston Heritage Fund 2017-2018 and the Juror Expression of Interest Form below.

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